1. I always wonder if some people were just born dumb or what happened along the way to make them so pathetic.

    The other day in class one of my piers asked the teacher “what is tuna made if?”

    I almost cried. These are the future leaders of America.

  2. Me on a good day

  3. ellendegeneres:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen talk about what they get called by fans when out in public individually of each other.  Just so everyone is clear, they are Mary and Kate Ashley.


  4. Heaven is my baby, suicide’s her father, opulence is the end.

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    Conceal… Don’t feel…

    So wait does this mean that if we took away the whole being able to produce ice thing. This movie might have been about depression?

    Disney has come out and said it’s about anxiety and depression so… yeah

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    i’ve waited so long to find this again. and I will reblog it 3895721273 times if it’s needed.

    grilled cheese.


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  8. egberts:

    i cant believe i used to be afraid of cussing

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  9. This is cool

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    Best Tattoo Spelling fails: Ouch! The only thing worse than a painful tattoo, is a painfully mis-spelled tattoo! #10 is just hilarious. http://liveisart.dailypix.me/tattoo-spelling-fails

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